DNA in the Quran. Can someone help me debunk this?

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DNA in the Quran. Can someone help me debunk this?

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The term DNA is an abbreviation of the genetic material in living things. The beginning of the science of genetics dates back to genetic laws drawn up by the scientist, the Austrian monk Johann Gregor Mendel in 1865. The date, a turning point in the history of science, is referred to in verse 65 of Surat al-Kahf, or verse 18:65.

Do read this article as well for better context.

http://quranalhakeem.com/holy-quran-refers-to-dna/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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Re: DNA in the Quran. Can someone help me debunk this?

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Like all things Islamic, they are not always as they appear at face value, and require further scrutiny to determine the facts.

This alleged DNA reference in Quran 18.65 is a perfect example, which illustrates the need to look more closely at to what is being claimed, before jumping to the misguided conclusion that it must be true if it is in the Quran.

Here is verse 18.65

"So they found one of Our servants, on whom We had bestowed Mercy from Ourselves and whom We had taught knowledge from Our own Presence."

And here are the subsequent tafsirs which must win first prize for the most illegible pieces of gobbledegook ever invented by the human mind, in human history.

http://quranx.com/Tafsirs/18.65" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

If anything in the Quran is more than clear that it cannot be from an omniscient being, this is it.

Btw the author of the web site provided is a retired aeronautical engineer, and journalist, who reveals he is “in the process of writing “tafsir”, even though several Muslim scholars have already done so, long before he was even born.

Which begs the question.

Why would Allah need yet another human being to have a crack at interpreting his word, when it is said to be "clear and easy to understand"?

Well, Mr Arshad,it is hoped you make a better job of writing your tafsir for this particular verse, as your contempories have made a complete and utter hash of it, conflating an already obscure verse with human endeavour's making it more obscure and unintelligible than ever.

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