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Re: Are you a Boy or a Girl?

PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:19 am
by planck
KufirbintKufr wrote:Yes I know...

But her father Henry VIII and her younger sister Elizabeth persecuted the catholics...
Mary persecuted protestants...

What is the big difference ?

She was a tyrant. She was angry and a religious zealot. Her main objective in getting the throne was to exact revenge on the protestants. She loved her mother (she stayed catholic) and her father Henry was the heretic. She blamed protestants for the failure of that marriage, the weakening of papal authority in england, the dissolving of catholic england...etc. etc. She was killing pregnant women, she killed the archbishop cranmer.

But she ruled like a tyrant. The people were scared to death of her. So scared that england hasn't had a catholic monarch since her.

But the context and the reason why I mentioned her is to give an example of an evil woman in history. She is widely considered one of the most evil women in history. A mini, female pol pot. Nah, too strong. A female Ceau┼čescu.

Re: Are you a Boy or a Girl?

PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:15 pm
by KufirbintKufr
planck wrote:She was a tyrant.

Like so many monarchs back then...

Do you blame her for not allowing general elections ? :D

Had she been really ruthless she would have killed her step sister Elizabeth who was a daugther of Anne Boleyn, the woman who made Mary's mother and her own life miserable.

I've read that she did not want to kill anybody- it was just a pressure from outside.