He's furious my daughter wants to leave him, and Islam

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He's furious my daughter wants to leave him, and Islam

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Almost ten years ago I discovered FFI, when my then 27 year old daughter was converted to Islam by two sisters who soon introduced her to their brother, who asked her to marry him after meeting him one time. I had him investigated, certain this was marriage fraud, and his papers were not in order...He was Palestinian, here on an Egyptian passport, had a Saudi Arabian address, and had lived in Morroco. One hour before they were to marry at the Mosque, the authorities picked him up and drove him to another state where he waited to be deported. But none of the other countries would take him. After a few months, my daughter went to the jail and married him there. Now they have three small children.
She finally now wants a new life without him, or Islam. He started becoming impossible to please, controlling, saying she was a bad mother, treating her badly, and cheated on her with a girl, even thinking she may be pregnant with his child. He insists he will get custody, and he will not give her money. He wants her to leave the home, not him. He says the children will not be allowed to see me, their grandmother, because of my having him arrested before. I dont' think he can leave the country, still, but worry he will try to have a them smuggled out of the country somehow to live with his family over there, or will disappear with them in the U.S. I told my daughter to get passports where they stipulate that no one can take them abroad without her permission.
I tried to tell my daughter years ago, after talking to so many people on FFI about Islam, but she would not listen to anything negative about Islam, period. Our relationship was strained for years, but I tried to accept her husband and her choice, so that I could still have some kind of relationship with her, and the grandchildren. Now, ten years later, she knows I was right. But I am not happy that I was right. I fear this man, and I feel sorry for my daughter and her children..those kids will be so confused. Their father will always fill their heads with crazy stuff, and will tell them their mother is a bad person who is going to hell for leaving Islam. She has covered with robes and hajib almost ten years, and now I am sure she wants to enjoy fashion again, and music, and movies..She is going to college at 36 years old, to be in the medical profession. He hates that, and with all he is putting her through, she has not been attending as she was. And she has no money for a lawyer.. today she cleaned a house for someone to have fifty dollars to see a lawyer for thirty minutes. The lawyer said she has nothing to worry about legally, that he will have to pay her lawyer bills, will have to leave the home, will have to pay child support and alimony...I just hope it all works out, and her husband doesn't do anything crazy.
Oh, and I wondered, should they get an Islamic divorce as well as a U.S. divorce? He wanted to do that..what will happen if they do that?
I am glad she finally woke up. But am worried what hard road lies ahead, because of him.
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Re: He's furious my daughter wants to leave him, and Islam

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Tell your daughter to contact these people:

http://www.thehotline.org/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Also any visits between him and the children must be supervised.
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