finding my life again

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finding my life again

Post by dancingearth77 »

I have been in a severe sadness and depression and very confused for the last 6 years.I converted to islam when I was in my twenties.I was pretty much told about islam being a religion of peace wich I found out a while later is not the case.Unfortuanatly i married a muslim man and had two children with him who r now older.he used to abuse me in the name of islam and made me stay far from my family and many other things.
i finally started to have my doubts.we went to egypt and i experienced first hand how muslims treat people.i was abused by the family and my husband.I had to find a way to leave egypt and this oppresion.I tried to leave with my kids but it failed.I finally got back to america,sick and depressed.i tried finding my kids but to no avail.i have been confused about religion and life for so finally starting to perhaps realize god does love me and all people.he is not a tyrant.I am scared i will be found out by the muslims and found by my ex husband.i am now happily engaged to someone else and have two more kids.i fear for my life if i was found out by anyone.Does anyone have anyone have any hope ,help or advise for me.Tired of living confused and in fear
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Re: finding my life again

Post by Ariel »

I am sorry to hear about your difficult life and the loss of your kids dancingearth.
You are not the first woman who had to go through this ordeal, and you will not be the last.
Perhaps you should share your story with women who want to marry a Muslim and who want to convert to Islam. You can tell them that Islam is not a rose garden and that Islam does not mean peace but submission.
Perhaps warning people for Islam should be your aim in life from now.
I wish you all the happiness in life and I hope you will find rest.

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Re: finding my life again

Post by enceladus »

Welcome, dancingearth77 - good to have you here -
I'm sorry to hear of the very hard times that you've been through in the last few years. Sadly, your situation seems to be quite common - women marrying Muslim guys and then finding out that Islam is the complete opposite of how Muslims portray it.

As you've seen, Islam really messes with the mind. It is an incredibly cruel, controlling, hateful and violent cult, and I call it a cult because that's exactly what it is. A "religion" should be able to give kindness to those outside it, and indeed most religions - Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism - are able to do this. Islam does not - it spews hatred and rage at anyone outside it.

You'll find a lot of support here. Good on you for leaving the evil that is Islam!
Bye for now - all the best -
- enceladus
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Re: finding my life again

Post by sword_of_truth »

Not a unique case, for sure, but quite different from what others experience. My mother made the mistake of marrying a muslim from, to which I owe my existence. She remained a Christian. I suppose on some level, she realizes how evil Islam is, but hopes that it can be reformed, although my father is a fairly traditional so-called "moderate" muslim (i.e. raging extremist who believes in stoning adulterers, cutting thieves hands, lashing fornicators--perhaps even my own execution for apostacy, had I been living in a muslim country). My father was a very unpleasant person, but was not particularly abusive. My muslim family consists of severely deluded and brainwashed, but mostly nice people. The thing some people miss is that you can be mostly normal, yet still believe in these absolutely obscene things like stoning people to death. The fact that they are otherwise normal people DOES NOT in ANY way shape or form, excuse these obscenities that they are advocating.
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Re: finding my life again

Post by wakeup »

Very sad to learn your first hand experience and sword of truth's experience too.

These are realities of life folks. Only today at a few family and marriage related sites like forums I was reading arguments by some Moroccan, Egyptian and Pakistani men who were trying to seduce some British and North American women. I was shocked to read the posts how people are poorly informed. There is hardly any way for common innocent women and men to know the traps. Initially I thought that the men trapped these women for immigration but after some findings I have evidence that some "imams" and groups actually promote the idea of marrying a woman in the North America or Europe.

You must possibly change your names as soon as possible as that will allow you to obfuscate and then also try to get a new SS no if that is possible if you can prove legally that your life is threatened. Do not leave your signs anywhere he can track through common people.
Try disconnect with people known to him.
Above all and most important is to keep your self esteem high and do all you can to not tell your details to any Muslim man.
If there was freedom of choice most religions would die an early death. All evil religions are cancer to the body of humanity. You are the oncologist please radiate this cancer with your enlightened knowledge. Islam will die a death soon. Meeks will inherit all and not the oppressors.

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