Testimony of a Godless Somali Secular Humanist.

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Re: Testimony of a Godless Somali Secular Humanist.

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Many muslims might say that Islam provides the evidence to prove that God exists (scientific miracles in the Quran, the literary miracle of the Quran, and so on). If their arguments along those lines actually made any sense, then, you wouldn't necessarily need to worry about whether Allah/God exists as a general philosophical question independent of the Quran and Islamic history. The Quran and Islamic history are supposed to be part of the evidence for the existence of God. However, that evidence has been tested and been found wanting.

Also, I would point out that I am an advocate of the idea that there should be as many bridges as possible leading out of the island of Islam. That will maximize the probability of muslims leaving Islam (maybe the quality of the bridges counts, as well). Some people may leave Islam because they question the existence of God. Others may do it for other reasons. Each potential apostate needs to find the path out of Islam that is right for him. If they are too morally underdeveloped and insensitive to see the evil in Islam, perhaps they can be persuaded by a more intellectual approach.
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Re: Testimony of a Godless Somali Secular Humanist.

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Eopithecus wrote:Yes I read your blog, as painful as it was for me. If I had a 17 year old child so satisfied with himself as you seem to be, I would be forced to re-examine my beliefs about honor-killing.
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Re: Testimony of a Godless Somali Secular Humanist.

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I was hoping to hear more about your conversion. I am a thinker too and I do understand a person working through the logic and concluding that God does not exist (or does). I was also wondering if your realization was accompanied by strong feelings about what the Quran teaches?

I mean, I recently read the Quran cover-to-cover and I have to say I was shocked by the hate speech, fascism, totalitarianism, despicable behavior toward children and women and on and on. I was mad as hell that some crafty egomaniac figured out how to wrap himself in "God" to subjugate people in his time...and ours.

When you read the Quran today, do you feel remorse about the roles you played as a teacher...and as an enforcer? Are you angry about having lived your life (and still living it) in this vile trap?

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Al Hope
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