Some thoughts about Islam, need ur comments

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Re: Some thoughts about Islam, need ur comments

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Welcome doublethink
I am a Christian and I continually question the bible and challenge the teaching of church leadership to such an existent that some of my friends question my Christianity but we remain friends and beg to differ on different things. What it comes down to is that God is my lord and master, my friend and teacher, and it is Him that I kneel before not the church.
It pleased me to read your post as I believe that some muslims are leaving islam but continuing in faith with Allah and I believe it is important that you continue to pray and ask for guidance, do not pray five time a day out of habit but talk to Allah as and when you need to speak to Him as you would a dear friend, with love and respect and remember true prayer is a two way conversation.
Please continue to contribute to FFI do not let the more aggressive members scare you off, there is a need for honest Muslims to join the debate.
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