I'm back and I'm an apostate. CHYEAH.

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Re: I'm back and I'm an apostate. CHYEAH.

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sidsid wrote:I Was never immersed in the religion. And didn't know much about Muhammad, only occasional mentioning by the rents. I did not actually "leave Islam" as I hadn't been practicing for years already. I simply examined the evidence for God...found none, and chose to disbelieve in God. I didn't actually have to stop and think "well bye Islam." That's why it seems like a big jump. I see no reason to believe in God and no reason to be part of a religion for any "moral support" reasons. I'm quite happy not believing in God. I'm thankful never to have believed strongly and to have "felt" God's presence or anything.

Also it doesn't take faith to disbelieve in God. It takes faith to believe in him/it/her.
I hope that you do not rile your family by speaking against Islam vociferously, at least till you are able to live on your own. The best way is just to drift away from Islam. This way you can still be part of the family and your family will have time to adjust to the reality. If your father manages to take you to Pakistan, I am afraid that you'll be married to someone against your will. Believe me you will have a very difficult time to get out of the situation - best play it safe.

Laws in Pakistan are very discriminatory against women, especially young women. For example, the testimony of a Muslims woman is worth half as much as that of a Muslim man in a court of law. In other words, the word of ONE Muslim man equals the word of TWO Muslim women. This puts you at a disadvantage in case you have to go to a court get justice - it is almost impossible for a woman to will against a man. In some parts of Pakistan - the North West Frontier Province, women are killed for not wearing Burqa. It is very dangerous for a women to venture out alone on their own, even in big cities like Karachi and Lahore. The things you take for granted in the West are not possible in Pakistan.
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Re: I'm back and I'm an apostate. CHYEAH.

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Dear Sid Sid,
Nice to know you have chosen your path. take care about the "telling -your-parents' thing. what you have written about your mother and your brother's comments make me feel apprehensive for your safety.
Take care. and develop outside contacts like teachers,classmates who are not Muslim.It makes me feel sad that a girl/woman has to bear being branded as a slut just because she decides that "this particular set of rules is not for me".This could lead to potential harm for you. Wish you all the best in your Future actions.
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