How to break

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How to break

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Re: How to break

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take control.

change your mobile number.
change your email account and don;t use the old one(s).

Don't make excuses why you don't want to meet.

is this you: "Oh, nice to hear from you... no, sorry, I have not got time then, maybe some other time,eh? Look,I have to go,talk to you later."

well,this should be you:

"Listen, I hope you can understand when I say this: I need some space to sort out my life. I appreciate that you care for me. But the best thing you can do for me is to let me be, so that I can re-build my life. I want to start afresh, will you help me by giving me some space?"

Who knows, there MAY be a day when you can to re-connect in the future, but on your terms, and without pretenses, so keep is polite, but honest. Also, even if you don't, no matter what they say to you, at least you will know that you have shown them a standard above theirs.
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