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hi there

PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 3:28 am
by SciFiMoviesFan

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:07 am
by Marie

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:39 am
by enceladus
Welcome! Good on you for leaving Islam!

It is ***really great*** to see that the efforts of the imams and mullahs to smother people's ability to think and reason don't work with everyone. You can be PROUD that their efforts have failed with you!

I look forward to seeing your contributions in the forums here. Bye for now -
- enceladus

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 5:37 pm
by SciFiMoviesFan

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 6:54 pm
by survivor
Welcome to the world of Humanity, Gentleman. On this beautiful planet, we all should know about the ultimate Truth, that is, Humans Vs islam. In other words, it is a war between weaponless Goodness VS armed Evil forces. But, it is Nature's rule that Humanity ought to prevail over islam in the end!
Be well, do good by fighting the evil islam.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2012 6:26 pm
by SciFiMoviesFan

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:23 am
by enceladus
Hi again -
( Just a suggestion - you may want to format your posts in paragraphs and use a bit more white-space (as I do). Text jammed together in one big chunk is hard to read. )

Anyway - I wish I were better at helping out with giving advice (and you've done really well with opening-up and describing your situation).

You mention that "non-Muslims are supposed to be welcoming". I know that you mean "welcoming to you as an individual", but anyway - I can (and will) answer that in two ways (and I stress that these comments are not aimed at you. They are aimed at Muslims, and you are no longer a Muslim, so you can duck as these "verbal bullets" fly past..... ;) )

1 - We have indeed been extremely welcoming to Muslims.

* The West has opened the immigration floodgates to them.
* We have built mosques.
* We have given them welfare money (in huge amounts).
* We have provided halal food in schools and prayer rooms in schools and workplaces.
* We have submitted (foolishly) to their demands (e.g. for separate swimming-times for Muslim women at swimming pools).
* We have (in a number of cities and workplaces) banned Christmans decorations "for fear of upsetting or offending other cultures". ( Other cultures **always** means "Muslims". )
* We have even tried to save Muslims from their own kind with our forces fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. ( We have paid a very heavy price in lost lives for doing so, too. )
* We have also built roads, schools, hospitals and medical clinics there.

And what do we get from Muslims in return for all of this?
Thanks? Gratitude? No.
We get Muslims on the roadside screaming and yelling at funeral processions of returning war dead - "Murderers! Baby-killers!".

There is a saying - "to be liked, you must be likeable." It has to be said that Muslims, by their own actions, are surely the most UNlikeable group of people to have ever inhabited the earth.

2 - September 11th, 2001, changed everything. Before that day, the vast majority of people in the West (me included) took little notice of Islam and Muslims. That day of cold-blooded mass-murder by Muslims changed everything. Soon after that day, I vowed to do everything that I could to undermine and damage Islam any way that I could.

To cut a long story short - given that kind of action against Westerners (non-Muslims), I think we can very much be forgiven for not easily trusting people who appear to be Muslim.

I don't think there is any way around that (and in some ways, I don't think there should be. Westerners are right to be "on our guard" against Muslims (and even now, we are nowhere near as alert and "on guard" as we should be).
It's just "how the world is" now, I'm afraid.

I think that the very best advice I can give (and it is advice that I follow myself) is - rather than looking at what you don't have, try to think of what you do have.
Simple advice, but very powerful.

What do you have?
If you live in the West, you have (relative) safety - certainly when compared with the hellholes that Islamic countries are.
You also have freedom.
Those two things alone are very precious and worth being thankful for.
- enceladus

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 12:24 am
by Ozes
Just be yourself, stop being miserable and be proud you got out of Islam, most don't have the guts too. You made a mistake and corrected it, that is a manly thing to do, its a step in life some have to wait for longer as no opportunity presents itself.

Now join the EDL go to the Walthamstow Demo coming up if you feel like raising your voice against Islam. It will be raining bottles and bricks but its either that or ensuring the next generation will get it 10x worse.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:34 pm
by SciFiMoviesFan
There had been a lot of things that happened since I wrote my last comment here.

These were a lot of reading and some movement of other people all around.

I’ll summarize them up.

I was watching YouTube of Dynamo the Magician Impossible. I have to admit it was thrilling. I found one of videos that showed he walked on Thames River. You can see it on the following link:

All of us, or most of us, know that Jesus, who Christians and Muslims with due respect claim to be theirs Prophet, walked on water right?

Doesn’t that show you that no one can walk on water except Magician, so where does that left Jesus?

In Islam they believe in all Prophets of the past right?

Also in Islam that magic is forbidden and such person who practices such stuff must be killed right?

Soothsayers are also forbidden in Islam and such people who goes to them are DISBELIEVERS in Islam right?

We, as people, all mankind, love POWER/AUTHORITY, MONEY/WEALTH, REPUTATION/STATUS in this life. Pretty normal, just it should be used in right way and not to abuse the nature of oneself or another. So that also applies for all religions. A great example of not abusing the nature use of it is to take a look at that magician, Dynamo the Impossible. He didn’t order anyone to reject magic or so to be killed like these “Prophet(s)”.

A religion can be upon one of these attributes (i.e. power, money etc), or two of them altogether, or 3 of them or so on.

With these barbaric rules Islamic set for magician and soothsayers.

Where does that leave all these “Prophets”?

“Highest position”. As to preserve the position and keep the religion going.

That is from one of smart tricks of Islamic system. Kill all magicians and soothsayers. So that would not brought “believers” of Islam to expose the true colour of fakeness of the religion(s) with due respect. Again it is as means as to preserve the religion(s) and keep it going.

Therefore they, especially people of Islam, only idolize their “Prophet(s)”. They, the Muslims in particular in this case, refer them as greatest person(s) of mankind in the history of this world.

They, the Muslims, showing us and others what their “Prophet(s)” had done and what they said, which I believe were down to magic and soothsaying.

How? Number 1: Dynamo the Magician Impossible walked on Thames River. Number 2: Horoscope. I always read it and always have found it to be true.

Their “Prophet” said in authentic tradition narration, hadith in Arabic, about people who goes to soothsayers and believe in what they says has disbelieved in their “Prophet”.

Therefore from their smart restricting systems, that’s how their religion keeps ongoing.

I used to take drugs before I first embraced Islam and believe me I’ve met many converted Muslims who came from rough and tough background. Most of them are not knowledgably of a lot of things others than Islam, in general. That’s how Islam took grips of their minds and mine too.

At first when I became Muslim I did not know Muhammad, their “Prophet”, married to an 9 year old girl. In this time, in this yet most ever advanced world, that is considered as Pedophilia. Whenever I think of this, Muhammad married to a 9 year old girl, had he been in this time. He would get all piled, stoned, shouted at, and rejected by 3.9/4 of population of this world. He would just get imprisoned straightaway. Not that I am insulting. I am explaining how it would be had he been appears at this time.

If you ask me, yes I am surprised how their religion is still ongoing.

And then what is ruling in Islam on Apostates? Yes DEATH PENALTY. Yet again another trick entrapment system of Islam.

Therefore most of these non-Muslims who converted to Islam, like I said they did not know much, they were just preached about belief in “God” and so on. Not the ugly sides of Islam. They were usually nice and mild people. Islam and its people certainty take grip of such people and brainwashes them.

But when they learnt the ugly truth, strangely it may sound, they r still pleased with it, or maybe I am wrong, maybe it is just half of them. BUT cos of death penalty Islam set for Apostates, of course not many can leave afterward. It’s a one door in and no way out back afterward. I am still sinking in how brave and big balls I have. I used to think the opposite.

Yet again, that’s how their religion is ongoing. With their barbaric rulings for people who opposites their ways.

How is their religion ongoing with all these barbaric rulings? Their Prophet used “God”. Telling us how big he is and how severe punishment he provides and so on, putting people on scared- poo in pants- side.

Anybody can always make word up and give it a meaning. For me, that also goes for words ‘Prophet’, ‘Messenger of God’, ‘Devil’ and ‘God’. What I meant that such words that can be false and for me it is.

In this time, in west countries, people refer law, as to use it for debate and so on.

That goes same for word ‘Prophet’ and so on.


What I found is an unanswerable even “Prophet” themselves cant answer. That is as following;

Who created God?

Why can’t we see him, ok as they, muslims in this case, said believers will see him, but I go back to ‘Who created God’. Same again for other question of other matter regarding God, I go back to ‘Who created God’.

Once again, their “Prophet” set a trap. Regarding this, there are authentic tradition narrations, hadith in Arabic. Prophet said about when one happened to thought “who created God” that he must seeking refuge in God from devil.

So much for religion of truth. Huh?

‘God’ word is something is ingrained in our minds cos it went a long time ago through maybe millions or thousands of generation.

I believe from all what I said above, that “religion(s)” were made just for society morals and interact. Rulings for thieves and so on. Also to make the owner either rich, power, status, reputation like I said above, or two of them attritubes altogether or so on.

I use my own common senses, even before embrace islam, I have common sense of murder, rape etc to be bad. So for me common senses is sufficient. Also to respect the state law in the country where I am. Yes thankfully I am not in intolerance Muslim country.

They use ‘God’ up there above heaven, as refer when debates. Teaching them how danger he is in punishment and how big he is in reward to take grip on their minds. Frankly I personally do not care if they want to and if as long as it keeps them happy but in Islam in particularly, theirs rulings. It is abusing the nature of people and the nature of this world. Intolerance, oppressive, violence, murders, is unacceptable. That’s why I am here.

Look at scientology, the founder of that religion became so successful. He died not long ago. But look at his followers, it is around 8 million followers nowadays. Even yet outsiders and apostates of that religion, scientology, keeps telling us how intolerance it is and how oppressive it is and how people within that religion are after money and power and so on.

Other reasons I do not believe in exist of God is, why wasn't there electricity, why wasn't there cars and so on that appeared on first day of this earth when it first appeared?

Of course all this happened through our men’s own brain. So it were all down to our own making. AFTER many of CENTURIES. Why now, why not back at that first day. Of course our own making. Using knowledge and experience that has passed on us from the past generations. How are we here then? Big bang theory and sciences nowadays. Also it is what wiped my belief off my heart of “holy books” and “God”. I believe that we are here by just chance. however bizarre that might sound but -

Who created God anyway? No answer, no truth. There not religion of truth.

That is just the SAME as other religions, with due respect.

Therefore I believe all religions, with due respect, in my own belief, are con and falseness. However I am happy to tolerance such people because they are free to do whatever they want for themselves. However I cant tolerance people who are intolerance such as Muslims.

Now ‘Devil’. Again in Islam, they use it as means to scare their people off such deeds and therefore making their life so restricted as well.

Another system to keep their religion ongoing.

Same time, their intolerance is causing miserably upon non-Muslims around the world. Oppressed, tortured etc until they embrace Islam or die.

Another trick system to keeps their religion ongoing

We can’t see devil can we? In Islam they said he is an unseen able creature. I still do not buy it due to what I have said all above. For me, it is all trick and con, similar to traits of magicians. Not that I am labeling magicians to be devils.

However I can use ‘evil’ word. It is just an expression of bad action of somebody but not because he is a devil. Just figure of speech u know. The same goes for ‘Messenger’. Messenger can be used for one who pass message to you from other person.

Therefore I use Positive and Negative instead of Angelic/Good and Evil. Negative is when you overdo or overuse things and excessively.

It is all fairy tales, all these religions. For me, Islam has some nice fairy tales but there are such barbaric actions like execution, stoning, since it is an fake religion like others, that is unacceptable. That is abusing the nature of people and the nature of this world.

They claims their religion of peace and truth and tolerance even some of is evident in their “book”. But same time they have barbaric rulings and oppressive and so on in others part of their “book”. Same time in their “book” it claimed to be religion of perfection. But contrast of rulings show it is not religion of perfection. Therefore it is religion of imperfect.

Their “Book” were written number of years after the “Prophet” death. I do not have to believe them or it and after experience and knowledge through researching, I found the path for myself.

P.S. I edit this one, so may i add, these false words i mentioned, that also goes for paradise, hell, angels, day of judgment. unseen "beliefs" that islam command u to have. i believe them all to be false too. these words just to be made up to lure people into that religion. false promising them a reward in paradise and save from hell. again just to keep muhammad's religion ongoing. i dont think i need to explain too much as well cos you can think it for urself using examples i mentioned above.

Therefore with due respect to everyone, I believe all religions are not upon truth as they claims it to be and I believe it to be a con.

Therefore I am atheist and proud.

I am here to reveal my belief. Not neither to insult anyone nor to judge anyone.

Peace and many thanks for reading. :cool:

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 5:53 am
by enceladus
A very good and thoughtful post, SFMF!
- enceladus

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 3:07 pm
by SciFiMoviesFan

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 3:19 pm
by SciFiMoviesFan