Teenage Somali kaffir

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Teenage Somali kaffir

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Hello guys!

I'm a teenage apostate living with in a strict Salafi Muslim household...lol
Today I started my blog and I'm also joining this community.

Here's my first blogpost:
Declaration of Disbelief

In a few days we will enter the month of Ramadan, a time of fasting, prayer, and spiritual reflection for a billion Muslims across the world. There will be fasting from dawn to dusk, long nights of prayer at the Masjid attended by hundreds if not thousands, and at the end there will be a joyous festival called Eid where people will eat and drink what they wish and enjoy fun time with their friends and families. Ramadan means a lot to many of my fellow Somalis, but it is meaningless for me. Why? Because I am a kaffir, apostate, infidel who has left the fold of Islam.

I stopped being a Muslim probably the summer after my 9th grade year of high school. I didn’t consider myself an atheist though until about my junior year. I left Islam because after some reflection, I really didn’t see much evidence to justify my belief in Allah or Deen ul Islam (the faith of Islam). I was only Muslim because I was born to Somali parents-had I been born to Ethiopian parents I probably would have been an Orthodox Christian, or a Roman Catholic had I been born across the border in Kenya. When I tried to look up the evidence for Islam, it was far from convincing. Islam simply demands that we believe and trust in the Prophecy of Muhammad without question. I certainly was not willing to live my life based on an unproven hypothesis just in the miniscule hope that it turns out to be correct when I die. Belief in Allah isn’t any more justifiable than belief in Zeus, or Shiva, or Ahura Mazda or any of the other thousands of gods and goddesses humans have worshiped over the ages.

I still live with my parents, who are both strict Salafi Muslims, so I am not really open about my disbelief at home. I can’t say I really mind living here, because while it’s a house where ignorance and superstition are prominent I still love my parents very much. My parents have always tried to force their religion on me, so I am regularly in attendance at the Masjid and I have a large part of the Qu’ran memorized by heart. But unwittingly they have also allowed my intellect to thrive and thus turned me into an atheist because (1) They allowed me to go to public school where I meet the “gaalo” (infidels) and discovered they weren’t so evil, (2) They allowed me to sign up for a library card and thus I was able to read all the great literature based on religion such as the works of Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Richard Dawkins, (3) They bought me a computer and connected the internet to my house. Really, with a secular education and access to the vast banks of human knowledge at the libraries and on the internet combined with my natural inquisitiveness and independence of mind, there was little hope of survival for my Muslim faith.

Right now I’m enjoying the summer before the start of my senior year of high school. I have decided to start blogging to share the perspective of a liberal atheist teen living in a strict Muslim household. One day I intend to write a book aswell.

I hope you enjoy!!
http://sominfidel.blogspot.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Look forward to posting here and getting to know everyone!
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Re: Teenage Somali kaffir

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Welcome to the forum.
Islam: an idea to kill and die for.
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Re: Teenage Somali kaffir

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Welcome, SomInfidel! Good to have you here, and good on you for leaving Islam!
I look forward to seeing your contributions in the forums here.
Bye for now -
- enceladus
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Re: Teenage Somali kaffir

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Welcome to kuffar-hood :rock: . Btw they store Dawkin's books in Somalia? :worthy:
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Re: Teenage Somali kaffir

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You be bloody careful mate, I hate to think of what could happen if someone connects you to your blog. Stay safe please.
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