A 22 year-old apostate: My testimony

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Re: A 22 year-old apostate: My testimony

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enceladus wrote:A very warm welcome to you, KD! Good on you for leaving Islam!

It is very sad that your "friends" seem to have disowned you. Some kind of friends they are - they do not seem to care about your happiness. All that matters to them is being in their cult (and it IS a cult, as I'm sure you would agree.... ) How shallow a friendship is when it is merely based on whether or not one is in a cult!

Best wishes to you - looking forward to seeing your contributions here!
Bye for now -
- enceladus
Thank you enceladus ! Friends who have disowned me are not friends anymore. I have cut all ties with them. I have a little angriness on me for their behaviour because of my leaving of Islam because I considered them to be one of my best friends but that's not the case anymore ;-). I realise how religion can be destructive especially when it becomes a basis for a friendship.

To all people here, thank you for your replies :-) !
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