My journey from Islam to apostasy

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Re: My journey from Islam to apostasy

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Why would he keep himself hidden when his creatures are confused while seeking him, with each religion claiming their religion and God to be the only....... :???:
The answer to that is simple. And if you continue to think about it, you will get the answer.
The knowledge begins when you think about this statement: 'I believe in air' .
Now, start thinking. :cool:
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Re: My journey from Islam to apostasy

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apostate wrote:During my college days I met one guy who was a twelver shia. I became a close friend with him and he would show me the illogicalities of sunni hadiths and try to convince me that twelver shia sect is the only true sect out of all the sects of islam
It is interesting how the inborn logical abilities of the religious - and not just Muslims - function just fine when it comes to identifying the irrationalities in someone elses religious belief system.
"Prophet Muhammad...bought, sold, captured, and owned slaves" SOURCE: BBC website
"Muhammad is considered to be a perfect model" SOURCE: BBC website
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