Frustrated after converted to Islam, Family returns to Hindu

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Frustrated after converted to Islam, Family returns to Hindu

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For his love for a Muslim girl, he took no time to leave his mother religion. 5 years ago Prashanth Shetty married his lover Mushra. He got converted to Islam, appeared in a new name and new Muslim style. After 5 years he realised the situation, was frustrated to be a Muslim decided to return along with his wife and kids.

In a simple religious ceremony of reconversion (Paravartan) at Saralebettu Shivapadi Sri Umamaheshwari Temple near Manipal of Udupi district in Karnataka, family of Prashanth Shetty voluntarily returned to Hinduism. The family signed a letter stating the acceptance of Hinduism at the temple.

Mushra now called with a new name Prathibha Shetty, elder son Naveen Shetty (Mohammed Iqbual), second son Umesh Shetty (Mohammed Irshan), daughter Prathima Shetty (Fathima Yasmin), and younger son Suresh (Mohammed Jalaluddeen) are now returned to Hinduism.

‘I am happy to be a Hindu; my husband never forced me to live with any restrictions. Where my husband goes i will follow him as a wife’ says Prathibha Shetty.

During the ceremony Jilla Sanghachalak of RSS Sri Shamhu Shetty, VHP district General Secretary Muttar Ganesh Kini, Municipal corporator Shyam Prasad Kudva and few others were present.
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