how an unintentional brainwash works

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how an unintentional brainwash works

Post by manfred »

When I was very little, before the age of dinosaurs, I went to school.

One day our teacher brought a marvellous contraption into the classroom, a huge abacus, with big colourful beads. I so much wanted to play with it. Then the teacher asked each kid to do a sum in his head... "14+12" she went, and so on. I was the third kid she asked. I thought if I answer quickly and correctly I am bound to get a chance to play with the lovely abacus. "25+32" ... "57" I went like shot, with a big smile, expecting to go to the abacus now. But, to my enormous disappointment, she just went "correct" and asked the next kid a question.

As the lesson progressed, I discovered how it works... when you got the sum wrong then, and only then were you asked to use the abacus.

Armed with this knowledge, and with outrage at the unfairness of this, next lesson I knew exactly was to do. "17+22?" "93" I snapped back at her. I smiling the smug smile of victory when I was allowed to use the abacus. I made quite sure I got it wrong a couple more times, to make sure I got a proper go at the abacus.
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Re: how an unintentional brainwash works

Post by Ariel »

What a great story Manfred..You were wise at a young age.
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