Ariel's holiday in Moscow...

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Ariel's holiday in Moscow...

Post by manfred »

Here she is, in a park, sorting out the youngsters... Her Russian is impeccable.... But don't worry if understand, if you see the end you get it.

Jesus: "Ask and you will receive." Mohammed: "Take and give me 20%"
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Re: Ariel's holiday in Moscow...

Post by Ariel »

It seems I can't keep a secret from you Manfred... :heh:

But I am home now, with two broken ankles.


It would be nice if people would send me flowers and bottles of wine now, to keep me busy.
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Re: Ariel's holiday in Moscow...

Post by Hombre »

Gash you are gorgeous lady. A hot blooded. two things though. It looks too cold for this time of the year. Alos. for a 73 year old - you jump high :)
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