fat bergs

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fat bergs

Post by manfred »

You may have heard of "fat bergs".... For example, in a mostly Pakistani district in London a main sewer was blocked some time ago by people throwing away fat from frying into the sewer system. Eventually this built up to a blockage of fatty deposits. interspersed with "wet wipes" and the usual stuff found in sewers.


This was eventually removed, but it is building up again, as residents ignore instructions not to pour fatty residues down the drain. Fining those who do would be "racist" so it does not happen.

What I also found out today that in China, these "fat bergs" are a common thing but the local authorities never have to clear them. Instead enterprising locals "harvest" the substances and "recycle" it to be used in fat friers in restaurants... So a warning.... next time you got to China, stick to soup and steamed dumplings.... give the spring rolls a very wide berth.
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Re: fat bergs

Post by Ariel »

:yuk: Ai Manfred. :shock:

If the chinese don't die from corona virus, they die from diarrhoea.
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Re: fat bergs

Post by pr126 »

I do not travel, never eat out, or buy ready-made food.
I only eat what I cook myself from fresh ingredients.

But this fat-berg is gross beyond belief.
The only thing I am unable to avoid is halal meat, as there is no indication in the packets.
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