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Hi everyone,

just in case anyone wonders why we have a new forum on this board in Indonesian, that is because the old Indonesian forum has some major difficulties. The tech guy is working on it and he scratching his head. You can only reply to a topic but you cannot post a new one, also the registration is not working properly.

So, for the time being, I have opened a single Indonesian forum here. That way people can stay in touch and talk. Hopefully it gets sorted out soon. I have sent out an email to members of that Indonesian forum so their know what is happening. For obvious reasons it is important that the people from the Indo forum have the utmost protection of privacy. This means I may have to temporarily disable emails via the board. If it comes to that, I will let everybody know. So, make sure you exchange addresses with friends so that you can stay in touch.

Please do not swamp the new forum with English posts, give people some space.
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