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PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:07 pm
by manfred
The following report can be found in the news papers in Indonesia...

The new governor of Jakarta is a very strict man determined to fight corruption and waste where ever he find it....

Yesterday he walked in to a local government office and spotted a man sitting in the corner looking bored, looking out of the window, doing nothing.

He walked straight up to him ask asked "How much do you earn a month?"
"I earn 2 million Rupiah (£120) a month, Sir".
"Here are your wages for this month: 2 million Rupiah. And here are three more months' wages, 6 million. Leave now. Never come back. You are dismissed. "

"OK, Sir, I go now."

The the governor turned to one of the workers and asked for the name and department of the man he had just dismissed.

"Oh, sorry, Sir, I don't know his name because he does not work here... he just stops by occasionally and brings meatball soup (Bakso) to sell to some workers for lunch. He was just waiting to get his soup bowls back..."