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new guy

Post by Insurn »

Привет… (mean Hello)

So … I am Ivan Petrovich Yalkin from Yekaterinburg, and I am using nickname from school, страховсник, mean afraid, or may be insurned. Is OK?

I am 16 years old and I lern English already very well at school.

I read much things which written here, and like to write sometime, a bit. Sorry for mistakes.
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Re: new guy

Post by manfred »

Nice to meet you. Please check with your mom and dad if it is ok for you to write here. Also we do not usually use real names here, but it is is too late to change your post.
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Re: new guy

Post by Fernando »

Welcome, Insurn. You can always edit your post to remove your name yourself, or delete the whole post. There may still be copies floating around the web but no more people will see your name on the site.
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Re: new guy

Post by Ibn Rushd »

Welcome to our forum.
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